Thursday, August 21, 2014

Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina (Part One)

 As a family we love the outdoors.  So when I came across Raven Rock State Park I   decided it was time for a day trip.  We put on our walking clothes, packed a cooler with   lunch, packed a backpack with water and snacks and took off to hike and enjoy Gods   beauty.  They had a small Museum with information, restrooms and gift shop.
         Raven Rock State Park is in North Carolina.  It offers camping, Picnicking, Hiking,        and Fishing.We decided to go hiking and enjoy some of Gods beautiful creations.  It is                                   really great to just take a day and enjoy nature.
     First we took off on the Campbell Creek Loop Trail.  It's 4.9 miles and one side of the     loop travels beside the Creek.  It was really nice.  There were few bridges to cross, stairs                                              to climb but so worth the view.
  It wasn't long before my hubby and daughter were going down to a smaller creek to                                touch the water.  I love that my daughter was really enjoying it.
      We stopped at a few points of the creek.  It was hot that day so it was nice to feel the                                                  cool water. It was a great day.
                     A small trail off the loop lead us to the Cape Fear River.  It was nice.
Half way in the hike we came up to the Lanier Falls.  It's a small falls, ok not much of a falls but it was so beautiful and peaceful.  I could have sat there for hours and just listen to the water.  
This photo sums it all up.  There is nothing better than getting away from cell phones, computers, work, and everyday stress and just relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

It's the simple things in life......

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